RJG Foundation is a non-profit organisation, working towards the cause of providing awareness of Graves Disease, counselling and raising funds for research. We gather funds which can be utilized towards our cause.

You can send in your donation, by clicking on the Paypal link below. All the money generated through our campaign will be used to help Graves sufferers and their families. A significant portion of the proceeds will also go towards providing research.


With the help of donations, we hope to make a significant difference to the lives of people with Graves disease and their families.

I thank you in anticipation for considering our request for donating funds for the sake of Graves Disease sufferers. Together, we can make their lives much easier and better. If you have any queries about our organisation or our work, please feel free to contact us at the address or the telephone number provided above.



The Robert James Graves Foundation SCIO

Registered Charity No: SC045669

Telephone: 0141 474 8001



© 2015 by RJG Foundation


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