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Common symptoms of Graves' disease include:            Just Some of the Misdiagnosis with Graves'


· Anxiety                                                                                                                    • Parkinsons, Stress, Fibromyalgia


·  Irritability                                                                                                                • Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons


·  A fine tremor of your hands or fingers                                                              • Parkinsons, Excessive alcohol drinking, Multiple Sclerosis


·  Heat sensitivity and an increase in perspiration                                              • Cold weather, Multiple Sclerosis


·  Weight loss, despite normal eating habits                                                        • Depression, Diabetes


·  Change in menstrual cycles, or total cessation of menstural periods           • Premenopause, Multiple Sclerosisi, Fibromyalgia


·  Erectile dysfunction or reduced libido                                                              • Aging, Multiple Sclerosis


·  Faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, increased nervousness                  • Side effects of medications, Fibromyalgia


·  Frequent bowel movements                                                                                • Parkinsons, Side effects of medications


·  Goiter enlargement (thyroid gland) swelling at the base of the neck           • Thyroid disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


·  Muscle weakness, trembling hands                                                                   • Multiple Sclerosis, Fibroymyalgia, Diabetes, Parkinsons


·  Bulging eyes (Graves' ophthalmopathy)                                                           • Thyroid disorders             


·  Thick, red skin usually on the shins or tops of the feet (dermopathy)         • Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia


·  Rapid or irregular heartbeat (palpitations                                                        • Stress, Fibromyalgia

                                                                      "It's Normal Not to Feel Normal"



Doctors and medical practitioners frequently suggest that it's perfectly normal to feel sick, or to continue to suffer from symptoms, despite thyroid treatment. In other cases, the suggestion is that you can't blame your thyroid, but yet it's anyone's guess why symptoms continue. Some of the comments to patients include:



  • You're a parent with young children, you should be tired.

  • You're 35, and getting older, it's natural to be more tired, cold and forgetful.

  • You're 36, it could be menopause.

  • At your age, in men, it’s not uncommon to experience reduced libido.

  • We're not sure what's going on, but don't worry you'll be fine.

  • Your lab reports say that you are fine. I don't know why you are not feeling better.

  • Being tired has nothing to do with your Thyroid because you are on replacement and your levels are normal.

  • I'm the doctor; don't you think I know what tests to order?

  • It doesn't matter how you feel, we go by the numbers.

  • Your levels are normal, I'm not sure what to tell you.

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