Graves' Disease and the Link Between Hyperthyroidism and Leaky Gut Syndrome

What is Leaky Gut When the human intestines are healthy and functioning correctly, they act as both a barrier and filter for our bodies. They essentially are supposed to allow nutrients to be absorbed in the gut but to block any toxins that may be circulating within the body. When the intestines are not working properly, it can cause the body to absorb the toxic substances into the bloodstream and may result in inflammation as your body attempts to attack these foreign invaders. Factors that may cause intestinal permeability can include food sensitivities, stress, and nutrient deficiencies. Patients may be experiencing symptoms such as chronic inflammation, joint pain, foggy thinking or bowe

Alarming! 32% of Indian Population Suffers From Thyroid...

A recent survey by SRL Diagnostics revealed that 32% of the Indian population is affected by various kinds of thyroid disorders. The survey was based on In-House data, collected over the years from 2014 to 2016 from over 33 Lakh adults across India. It also confirmed that the disease is more common in women. The Thyroid, being it excessively active or under active, considerably impacts on an individual's life. Regrettably many people who witness the symptoms of Thyroid, do not see medical attention. ably, many people who witness the symptoms of thyroid, do not see medical attention.

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